The Truth that No One Tells You

The Truth that No One Tells You

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The illusion of fairness and equality is something instilled in us  as children.  Just like Santa Clause, we are told these stories, but as children many of us soon realize that Santa is simply just an icon more than a real fat dude sliding down chimneys.  Except, many of us never quite outgrow the illusion of fairness and equality.

Time to Wake UP!

The world is  never fair, one person eats while another starves, some can’t sleep without worrying if they’re going to be bomb to bits while other sleep soundly in their comfy beds.   Why is one person living on Park Avenue and another on a bench in Central Park.  These are the facts of the world yet we are still disillusioned of equality.

As our capitalistic M shaped society continues to grow, it appears the income distribution is  completely unequal.  Our gender representations in executives and income earned is no where close to “being fair.”  But this is the truth that is rarely told to our children, often we let them grow up thinking the world should be fair and find out in real life that we’ve simply been brainwashed.

Look at all the superhero movies, good triumph over evil, the bad guy always loses, sadly that just not the case in real life.     Nice guys RARELY comes first, doing the right thing often has social consequences.  Nothing is more evident when we look at school yard children.  A group of kids picking on a target, most of the group are likely just followers who wants to fit in and therefore follow along.  Yet rarely will you see a kid stand  up for the one being picked on for fear that they also become the abused.


What Do We Do?

Just because something is broken doesn’t mean its not worth trying to fix.  Let’s be realistic, we may likely never get to a time that is fully equal, but it doesn’t mean its not worth trying to even the field a little bit.  Like most things in life, its not about the end but the journey itself.

Understand that equality is a luxury.  Hold yourself to those standards, but if others don’t follow suit, it’s their choice.  We can only hold ourselves accountable and live by example.  Stand up and speak out for others when we can, even if it doesn’t “concern” us.   And hope  that in our willingness to do the right things, we can help influence others to do so as well.


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