Potential and Choice

Potential and Choice


It’s always been puzzling to me to see great potential never reaching its full bloom state.  Over time, I’ve met a lot of people with great potential to create an extraordinary life of prosperity and success, yet why is it only a small fraction ever reach their potential?  When I talk about potential, I’m referring to the part that I see within someone’s personality that can be developed into creating new possibilities for the individual.

For example, a friend of mine is an outstanding reporter and very artful about efficient processes, creative perspectives and just an overall great sense of putting together a good narrative story.  When I see potential in this person, I see creativity with analytical logic, the ability to put together projects and bring an idea from concept to life.  All of which becomes untapped potential if she chooses to trap herself in a place that does not support the growth of her talents.

Fear is Potential’s Greatest Enemy

Whether you realize it or not, our society is created to keep people down.  Not quite a full class system, but social programming is influencing people’s choices and decisions.

Think about it, what happens to large organizations if most of its white collar employees decide to rebel against the system?  It either demands for a more responsible and caring organization where people can find meaning and motivation to work, or eventually the organization is limited on finding and keeping talents for operations and growth.  Hence its in the best of interests to the upper echelon of people controlling these organizations to reinforce the social programming of keeping a secure job instead of pursuing your dreams.

Express Your Potential Your Way

Look, not everyone is meant to break the chain and rebel against organizations to start their own passion business.  Let’s be realistic, for a lot of people, hobbies if turned into work can also be a night mare.  But it’s important to find and develop your potential, money or no money.  In the process, you’ll be able to build confidence within which ill carry over to other parts in your life.

What you really should avoid though is hating what you do for a living  Hating is a serious word, but at the point you really don’t like it, maybe there’s a different angle to work that you haven’t looked at either.

Choice is the Deciding Factor

Any potential if met with inaction will be just a ghost.  Like the ghost of Christmas Future, the glimps of possible success are only fragments until action is taken.  And no, it  isn’t easy, but then again what in life really is?  We don’t value things as much if it came easy.  But if you’re doing what you love and seeing it bloom in to your own successes, the journey’s well worth the effort.

Free will is the greatest blessing to man, although we can debate how free we really are.  To the best of our knowledge,  we still have choice on what we do with our lives.  There’s no guarantee you will succeed,  it’s up to you to make it happen, but if you’re following you heart, I’m pretty sure you won’t regret how you’ve lived.

Living life in the pursuit of Love, passion & creativity. Legally blind since the age of 10 and diagnosed with narcolepsy & PCOS, I'm sharing what I've learned in my journey of overcoming adversities and what life has taught me along te way.

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