Passion + Purpose… Do I Have to Have one?

Passion + Purpose… Do I Have to Have one?

This is one of those things that people debate on, some say no and others say yes.  So strictly IN MY OPINION, first of all there’s no right or wrong to this, everyone is entitled to their beliefs and no one belief is more correct than another, its simply based on perspective.  That being say, in my own personal life and beliefs,  I say HELL YA!

Misconceptions About Passion + Purpose

There is no one size fits all formula.  For some, they may have a single passion or purpose in their life, but for the most of us, it will evolve as we grow.  As we grow, our values change, and thus impacting you purpose or passion at that point in life.  It will shift as you mature and your view of life and the world changes too.

What you find valuable and passionate will shift based on the stage of life you’re in.  As your views in life and the world expands, the things that drive you can change as well.  Value comes from perception, your view on the world will shape the values  you focus on.    But it’s always different from person to person, so what may look insignificant to one doesn’t mean its meaningless to another.

Being content and getting by probably means you’re not really living your passion and purpose.  When you ask the question “are you happy?” and the answer is a maybe, I’m ok, or content, then let’s be truthful, you’re NOT really ok.   Sometimes we’re not sure what it is we want, that’s ok, take a different approach, what do you know that you don’t want, and try everything that is outside of the “don’t want” section.

Passion and purpose doesn’t have to be grand.  We sometimes associate grandeur to the idea of passion or purpose, as if  it has to be something as big as changing the world or making a huge impact  to quality as passion or purpose.  I believe anything can be a passion or purpose if you’re committed and truly happy about it.  Consider someone who simply wants to work and travel the world, or someone who simply want to raise a family and kids, these can be purposes too even though they may see insignificant.  There are some people who just want to take care of family and raise good children, and it can just as well be their passion or purpose.  There’s no passion that’s too small  if it’s really what you want.

How To Find You Passion or Purpose?

Finding Passion

For many of us, we don’t even know where to begin.  Perhaps its been too long since you thought about your childhood dreams, or maybe its been a long time since you did something that didn’t have a money value attached.  We’re so accustomed to thinking about passion  with how can I survive that we cross off things before taking a serious look.  Start with something you love to do, and ask yourself a simple question, “would I want to do this if I wasn’t being paid?”  This is usually pretty good indicator on how much you care about the activity at hand.

Finding Purpose

As mentioned above, there’s often a common misunderstanding that purpose has to be grad, it really can be something small and simple.  We are all here to accomplish something in this world, it doesn’t mean we are confined to the role, but there are certain experiences which  will give us more meaning in our lives.  All experiences and choices are equal, no better, no worst.  A housewife who has answer her own call is just as important as the  Nobel prize winners of the world.  However, the key is to stay true to yourself and your path.

Purpose usually relate to what you are passionate about.  Or it can be an underlying theme in all your passions.   For example, you may be creative in all your passion so the underlying thread for your purpose likely has to do with allowing for creativity of all forms, or even inspire others through    creativity.

Why is it Important to Find and Carry out Passion & Purpose?

When you do follow this path, it will allow you to create abundance and lasting happiness in your life.   Who doesn’t want to make money and doing something meaningful to them.    But its not an easy process, I guarantee its extremely rewarding.  This is something within everyone, but it needs to be a conscious choice from you in order to tap into the abundance and bliss it offer.


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