Don’t just Survive… Be Prosperous in Life

Don’t just Survive… Be Prosperous in Life

Before we look at survival vs Prosperity, we first need to understand what these terms mean

What is Survival?

When we talk about survival, we usually have the idea that someone is barely getting by finanacially, barely making ends meet or having trouble with their finances.

I’d like to expand that concept further, survival can also include the rich, wealth, and financially well off folks too.  There’s plenty of 6 figured or even 7 figure income folks that are still in survival mode and its not because they have poor money management.  Its the mentality that “I need to do some job in order to make money even though Ion’t really care for the job.

There’s no question that we need money to survive in modern days, however most of us are well above the “survival” mark.  The question often at play is, what kind of lifestyle do I want to upkeep?  With lavish travels, million dollar homes, fancy sports cars, and high fashion wardrobes most people are locked in.  The lifestyle has made them slaves to their job and money, and all they can do is “survive” in their standards.

What is Prosperity?

On the contrary, prosperity doesn’t always mean its wealthy financially, I can be working little to no money as an artist yet still find fulfillment in life.  But it doesn’t mean being prosperous in life equates to being poor.  Take Warren Buffet, he loves what he does and happens to be really great at it, and in the process has given him great wealth.

So what does being prosperous really mean?  Loving and passionate about what you do!  Take a look at the Passion+Purpose article to learn more about passion.  The real question  boils down to, are you really happy with your job?  And if there’s a hint of hesitation, don’t life to yourself.  When you are prosperous, you are on a path that not just satisfy financial needs but also gives you some sort of life fulfillment.  Which also ties back into your purpose.  Its unlikely you can find prosperity and fulfillment without understanding your own purpose.

Imagine This…

A person who’s really not happy with their job that pays well, they feel that their drained and do’t have energy to do the things they like, then escapes to TV or fancy dinners just so they can wake up the next day to repeat the cycle.  There’s no love, no heart, passion.  How is it different from a caveman struggling to hunt for food to feed himself, after finally eating too exhausted only to wait for the next time he needs to go gather food again.  Both are meeting the standards of survival and have little to no emotional satisfaction with what they do.

When you are prosperous, you have higher energy all around, you love being up and about because you’re doing things you love.  Time flies because you are in the zone doing what you love.  But we know some people will say, what happens if the thing I love is not  financially rewarding?  Then you have to take a look at, are we talking about short term pain and long term gain or something else?  An artist may take time to get their works out there, but over time (with talent) it gets easier.  And you are not limited to just painting, there could be other things your can do with passion that are also creative.

Faith in Your Passions and Prosperity

Faith is the ability to believe in something even if you do not see it.  Love and relationships are signs of faith, religions are all signs of faith, even your job security is sign of faith.  but it’s in the choice of believing in something that can bring the most amount of reward and prosperity.

The biggest problem people experience in this debate of survival vs prosperity is fear.  They don’t trust themselves enough nor do they trust in anything greater than themselves.  When you truly believe you deserve prosperity in your life doing the things you love, then you can find a way to accomplish it.  Nothing is truly impossible but it all comes down to time.

What’s the trick?  Let go of your fears, judgement, expectations, and negative talk.  Reality is in the perception.  If you’ve already decided it won’t work, then I can tell you it won’t work.  Unless you are willing to consider the possibilities, you will likely be a self fulfilling prophecy of failure.

Our minds, the keeper and instigator of faith, is extremely powerful in actualizing its beliefs if you allow it to happen.  However , it is in trying to exert too much control and the need to control that prevents our minds to deliver on the unseen beliefs.  Take a compassionate view towards yourself and give it space to flourish, you’ll be surprised how life has a way to give your prosperity in places you would never expect no matter how “unreliable” your passions can be.

Survival comes from living in fear of scarcity while Prosperity stems from the faith in abundance.  Which will you pick?






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