Finding Inner Peace…. Tips for Meditation Newbies

Finding Inner Peace…. Tips for Meditation Newbies

There’s no question in my mind the positive effects of meditation in relation to lowering stress, improved emotional health, and connecting to your inner peace.  Research has  proven it’s effectiveness in anything from pain relief, to weight loss and more.  Zoom into Silicon Valley’s top tech companies and a good chunk of them run meditation programs  because the numbers has shown higher productivity and happier employees with meditation practices.  It’s become so popular that it’s being packaged and sold as a commodity (thanks to capitalism) and sometimes in misguiding ways.  Everything from retreats, to special workshops, or self proclaimed gurus, its become an entire industry  of its own.

Myths About Meditation

There is no ABSOLUTE Proper way of Meditation.  Meditation in its truest form does not have structure.  With the proper mindset and mentality any activity or environment can b a meditative one.  Postures can help, (sitting upright  and cross legged) but as meditation usually is the practice of the mind, what you do internally matters much more than how you look externally.

Meditation should be done in a quiet space.  For beginners, it helps if  you can do it in a less distracting space as you will likely have trouble even  keeping quiet within so additional noise may cause you to lose focus.   However, sometimes a quiet space is a luxury that sometimes you can’t find.   Often those are the times you really need meditation to help you center.  So every now and then, you can test yourself on how well you handle meditation within a distracting environment.  Just remember don’t judge if you aren’t able to stay in focus, its ok, its just a process so you don’t need to be perfect.

Tips for Meditation

Breathing is immanently crucial.  Nothing is more important than breathing, remember to breathe into the abdominal area below the belly button.  Long breaths  in and out, it will help calm the mind as you progress in your meditation.  Especially useful when you are trying to lower stress of calm yourself down from any intense emotion.  There are other types of breathing techniques which may have different effects,  but don’t worry about them and try to get the basics first.  More is not better.

Let thoughts go.  Often when you first meditate, you’ll find yourself having so much thoughts that you almost feel like you’re not really meditating because its not an empty mind.  It’s ok, think of it like a detox, the thoughts that pop up are often things that is held within that you have yet to process.  Give yourself space and permission to see and let it go as if you were watching tv or a movie is a critical first step to finding inner peace.  Journaling afterwards can help you better process things cognitively.  But its ok if you don’t remember either, it’s probably not that important.

Practice is everything.  There is no right time to do meditation as usually the more you “don’t have time” to do it, its likely the time you need it the most.  Even if its just for 5 minutes its still better than nothing.  And say you are unable to sit for long periods of time, that’s ok too, do what you can and add more incrementally.  The mind is like any muscle in your body, the more you work out, the stronger it gets.    So even if you’re only able to space 5 or 10 minutes a day, it will always be better than nothing.

Meditation in My Own Life

Personally, my meditation practice eventually became the crucial factor in finding my inner peace as well as understanding my actions and reactions.  It’s a dialogue between my conscious and subconscious and allowed me to overcome my personal traumas as well as develop new perspectives.

It’s not easy, but in my opinion, most things worth doing in life isn’t easy, but its still worthwhile.  For myself, it’s helped me become this light hearted and loving person, and continues to guide me to return to this universal love and peace that is within all of us.






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