Clarity + Intention… The Cornerstone to Success

Clarity + Intention… The Cornerstone to Success

Do you know what you want in life, Love, or your career?  Many of us haven’t ever taken the time to sit down and really think about what it is we want.  Often we have a vague idea with very little clarity on what it really means.  Take relationship as an example, we all want a happy, fulfilling relationship but it means different things to different people.  It’s like saying I want to bake a banana pie but not knowing the exact ingredients needed to bake the pie.

Why Do we Need Clarity & Intention?

Research shows that successful high performance people have the common trait of being clear about what it is they are seeking.  Knowing what you want enables you to move in that direction in your everyday choices.  The clarity allows for more informed choices that are aligned to the end goal you have in mind.

Those who don’t practice the art of clarity often find themselves lost in the world and  even moving in a different direction towards an end goal that’s not really theirs.  The average person seeks  to make money and gain material wealth, without clarity of life values, it may be that money isn’t really what they need to be happy as a result end up missing out on choices that could h ave potentially given them more life satisfaction.

Intention is also important as it is the basis of all our actions.  There’s a saying that says “the universe will conspire to aid you” but without clarity on what it is you want, it makes it almost impossible to give you what you need.  With a good heart and right intentions, it can even create a snowball effect the goal you want for yourself.

Clarity & Critical Thinking

Clarity helps us understand what we are looking for when seeking success and happiness.  Clarity starts with the goal in mind, what is it that ultimately you want to happen, then you can move on to figuring out the details.  It requires a conversation with yourself on what is it that you value and what factors are not so important to you.

The clarity comes from a combination of intuition and logical analysis.  Combining the two helps you find a happy balance between what the heart wants and what the mind says.

Setting the Intention

When we look at how we approach the world, it all starts with intention.  In some yoga classes, we start with a simple intention before starting the class.  A mere thought of “letting go” can make all the difference in that session.  It’s because when the intention is set, it’s kept in the back of our minds, in those really tough positions, the intention of letting go can actually help you relax more and getting a better stretch simply from knowing what you intention is.


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