Stories and Beliefs That Shape Our Realilty

Stories and Beliefs That Shape Our Realilty

What if reality is just an illusion?  I’m sure most people have seen the Movie “The Matrix” where you have two worlds in contrast.  Supposedly one world is created by machines that keeps the human minds, and the other world is a “reality” where humans are being harvested for their energy for the machines.  Which is really real? And does it matter?

Perception shapes Reality

What we often forget is that the stories we tell ourselves and the beliefs we hold are often the deciding factors  of our reality.  No matter how “objective a person is, they will always experience the world through their own unique filter.  Thus, although we live in the same world, this is why we all have different interpretations about reality.

What’s closer to the Truth?

There’s isn’t really a way to judge who’s right or wrong about their interpretation of the reality.  It all feels real and all views are valid.  As a result, beliefs become reality regardless of how absurd it may seem to other people.  Take someone in love, if they feel that they are loved, then in their mind that’s their reality, but if their story is that they aren’t being loved, then they would see their reality as being in a non loving relationship.  It is almost irrelevant on whether the other person’s actions because the end filter is the key to assigning meaning.

Be Careful of What You Think

If our world is shaped by the stories we tell ourselves, then our successes, failures, prosperity, and more are determined by these filters.  If left unchecked, it can leave a devastating impact on who we are and how we experience the world.  When a person has been brought up with the notion of unworthy of love, they will likely end up in relationships where they are not respected or treated well.  When they feel unworthy of love, they are more likely to accept a relationship that is not mutual respecting or loving.  On the contrary, with a healthy mindset towards love, their relationship standards would be higher and will not accept those who do not meet those loving standards.

Perhaps he biggest concern of all is subjectivity left unchecked can lead to extreme biases and narcissistic tendencies.  Whether that’s a good or bad thing is still open for debate.  However, in cases where interpretations take a more negative filter, the world quickly becomes very dark and ugly.    Kind gestures can be interpreted as hidden agendas.  Or even a misinterpretation of another’s intention from something loving as nothing at all.

Being Mature and Responsible

Knowing that our beliefs shape our world, we should always check if there is a discrepancy between our beliefs and other people’s story.  When we find a difference in interpretation, understand the differences can help bridge the gap of miscommunication.  For example, if you are in a relationship and you don’t feel loved, rather than concluding that you aren’t loved, its worthwhile to take the time to understand the other side of the story.  Is it that the other person is loving you but just not doing the right things?  Or is it they simply don’t care whereby your original conclusion is the same?  Why ask?  Well your biases may cost you to lose out on a perfectly loving man or woman.  In the prior scenario, the intention of love is present but the method conducted resulted in it not being felt which eventually led to the conclusion of not being loved,  see how the action was interpreted differently from its original intent.  In a mature person, they would be able to calibrate for this misinterpretation and then communicate to ad just for the difference.

So there’s no such thing in the world as true objectivity as all views have its own filters and biases.  The beliefs that shape the lenses in which we see this world becomes  the deciding factor on what reality is.

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