Happiness is Not the Only Emotion

Happiness is Not the Only Emotion

As human beings, we are born with a range of emotions, sadness, grief, anger, rage, joy, happiness and the list goes on.  Each has it own representation and meaning.  Yet in recent years, there seems to be this need to JUST BE HAPPY.  This is quite misleading and has created a population who are intolerant of all other emotions.

Why Happiness Alone can be Dangerous

It’s great if you’ve reached a point in your emotional journey where most things don’t bother you and that you’re able to stay in the positive spectrum of emotions most of the time.   The key here is that you’re actually still fluid and fluent in other emotions, but you are so fluid that you’re able to flow out of and process the other emotions rapidly.  But let’s face it, there’s only a handful of people who are that “enlightened” and detached.

The reality is, most people suppress and numb out.  They have put a judgement on saying the other emotions are negative or bad and that it should be avoided.  We’ve become a society so afraid to feel that pain killers have become the top selling medicine.  Studies show that Americans consume over 80% of the global supply of prescriptive painkillers.  This stems from the need to NOT FEEL pain and staying happy.

Ignoring the Sign

Often our emotions are signals of something’s not quite right in our lives.  Understanding the emotions and addressing the root cause of them will help balance out our lives and keep us from falling further.   For example, a prolonged suppression of sadness and grief can lead to potential depression in the long run.  But depression did not spring up without warning, the problem is people want to be “happy” so much so they ignore their true feelings and allow the depression to grow bit by bit within them.

Happiness is Not the Enemy

Happiness is a great emotion to have but it is truly powerful when all the other emotions are able to be acknowledged as well.  How can someone understand happiness if they’ve never felt sadness?  As a quote from the movie Vanilla Sky, “the sweet is never as sweet without the sour.”    What we really need is to move away from the NEED to be happy all the time and allow for other emotions to flow even though it may be uncomfortable.  It takes time to process, understand, and address the other more negatively label emotions as it reflects parts of our lives that are in need of acknowledging, loving, and caring.

When you feel angry, it doesn’t serve you to simply turn it off and suppress it, but it also doesn’t mean you should lash out at people either.  Going into happiness without addressing why you’re angry will likely build up the anger even further.  Give yourself permission to not have to be happy when you feel something else.  Letting go of the judgement on what feelings you have and simply accept how you feel.  Your feelings are entirely yours, perfectly valid.   The only caveat is just because you are feeling a certain way, it doesn’t give you the right to act out on other people, its simply meant to help you understand that something is no right and you need to look at understanding what is happening for you to feel the way you do.


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