Finding Love Within…Self Compassion

Finding Love Within…Self Compassion

We live in a society that too often has neglected the value of self passion and love.  We focus on giving and acquiring but never on treating ourselves with the same gifts of love and compassion.  Our worth is often considered on what others do or what we do for others but rarely does the internal spectrum of self compassion is accounted for when looking at emotional health and wellness.

What is Self Compassion?

Remember a time where you’ve had to end a relationship, the first thought that crosses your mind is “what’s wrong with me” or “I’m not good enough”.  Thee negative self talk is prevalent in all aspects of our lives from careers to family, relationships and more.  Having Self Compassion means you’re willing to accept certain  events that may not be ideal in your mind but still seeing the good within yourself.    When you break up, take solace in the fact your loved and tried your best.  Or accept that the relationship just wasn’t good for you so the most compassionate thing you can do is to love yourself and end it.

How to Practice Self Compassion

Learn to talk to yourself nicer.  We are often much nicer to others than the voices that’s in our head talking at us.  So try replacing those negative  voices with more positive thoughts and take a outsider view on things.  Pretend you are talking to someone else, what would you say?

Make it a daily practice.  The occasional self compassion makes it very easily reversible, so the best thing to do is to create a ritual or practice that you follow through and reinforce everyday.  Eventually it becomes easier and even natural to be compassionate towards yourself.

Why do we need self compassion?

Life is hard enough as it is, why give yourself a hard time about it?  We often forget that we treat ourselves is a reflection of how we treat the world.  If you’re treating yourself without compassion, the truth is you are likely not treating others with much compassion either.  The big things is that we always forget there is no real separation between us and them.  Having self compassion reminds us both to be kind and loving  to all things.

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