A Different Perspective on Pain

A Different Perspective on Pain

As human beings, we naturally seek escape from pain.   As a modern day society, we’ve taking pain avoidance to a whole new level with drugs and opiads resulting in a population full of pain intolerant individuals.  But what if we’ve got it all backwards?  What if pain is not the enemy, instead its the ver act of  trying to fight the pain which becomes the problem?

The Nature of Pain

Pain is the natural process and reaction when we experience some sort of discomfort or change physically, emotionally or mentally.  When we catch a cold, the discomfort from the cold creates a sense a pain.  When we endure a heartbreak, the devastation from the broken relationship creates emotional pain.  And when we we experience a traumatic event,  it creates a sense of mental pain.  However, all these states of pain are signalling to us that we’re undergoing changes and is in the midst of some sort of transformation.

Leaning Into the Pain

In my own practice of surrendering into the universe, (God, love, consciousness, whatever you’d like to call it) I began to lean into the pain instead of trying to fight it.  Typically when we experience pain physically, our body tenses up and muscles tighten in an attempt to offset the  pain we experience.   But imagine the case of a yoga posture, if we actively choose to  and embrace the pain as part of the process, we are able to simply breathe through and flow with the pain.    The process of acceptance and flow actually changes the way we experience pain and even reduces the pain level we feel.

One possible explanation for the phenomenon may be due to the fact we are no longer active fighting it.  As our perspective changes, we begin to understand the pain as a process rather than an abnormality that needed to be “dealt with” or fought against.  Just as meditation has been shown to be effective in pain management, a similar process takes place by shifting perceptions of the pain through a different lens and understanding.

What Do You Actually Do?

Start by telling yourself that this pain you are experiencing is just a process and allow it to happen rather than trying to resist against it.  Set the intention of surrendering into the pain  letting go of the tensions in your body.  Just breathe deeply and you’ll start to notice the pain doesn’t seem to hurt as much anymore.

Next time you encounter pain, try these techniques and see if your pain level changes.  I’d love to hear your feedback on your experiences, so don’t hesitate to comment below.




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