The Wisdom of Time

The Wisdom of Time


As humans, we are governed by the linear state of time.  Each day passes and our life constantly move towards the inevitable death of  our physical body.  Whether there is a soul that moves on depends on your personal belief, but one thing is true, our physical body is finite.  In this process, we begin to associate all things with time whether its unwillingness to let go of the past or worrying about the future.

Time is Timeless

Take a look at the universe and we get a different perspective on time itself.  It is vast and infinite, ever expanding and ever lasting.  But as human beings, we forget that this is the true nature of time, its limitless continuation of possibilities and evolution.

We get caught up in when something will happen instead of giving it space to let it happen.  We force things through trying to break  the time factor when the only thing that is really needed is patience.  We start worrying about particular things because it hasn’t happened and forget that with intention, effort and active pursuit, it is only a matter of time.

Therefore time in itself is timeless if we are willing to let go of our finite view of it.   Our intentions will manifest in its own time and our job is not to worry about  it but more so to trust in the process and keeping living in the moment.  Rather than worrying about what  is happening and when it happens, embrace the experiences you encounter and trust the universe  in its way to help you accomplish your intentions.

A Different State – Letting Go of Time

What if everything happens for a reason in its time.    You meet a random stranger that changes your life, you find the perfect job when you are completely broke and hopeless, or even something as small as missing the train so you have to take the next one.  Our need to control often frustrates ourselves when unexpected things happen to disrupt our order of time.  Yes, you can say one can establish better time management to mitigate delays, but there will always be things that happen outside of your control.

What’s the Rush?

If life is a journey and a process, then every step of the way is part of our experience.  It’s the grind of things that makes us appreciate the fruits of our labor.   Why not let go and see where life takes you?   Discipline and persistence is necessary for achievement, but trust in the work that you will find your due reward.   But it is very hard as we are all inpatient beings.  Patience is truly a virtue.

Living life in the pursuit of Love, passion & creativity. Legally blind since the age of 10 and diagnosed with narcolepsy & PCOS, I'm sharing what I've learned in my journey of overcoming adversities and what life has taught me along te way.

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